Long Run on Sunday


I am running the BOTAK 42K full marathon on Sunday with the running mileage of a newbie (20-25k/week for the past 4 months!).

Found this in my runner’s calendar:

No one masters the marathon. Anything can happen on its long tortuous course, which is why it is such a seductive and exciting event. It’s in your interest to arrive at the starting line with this humility.

Believe it or not, it’s better to undertrain than to overtrain. What you haven’t developed by race day can sometimes be overcome with adrenalin and desire. For an overtrained runner, the race is over before it starts.

Seek support. Train with a partner or a running group. Get your loved ones to cheer you on at the race. Raise money for a cause. The road to the marathon can be long and lonely. Let others help you get there.

See you all on Sunday.


~ by runmd on May 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “Long Run on Sunday”

  1. See you then Dingdong. The route may be long and winding but there’s always a finish line. Good luck.

  2. take it easy then. maintain your comfortable pace and finish strong. see you during the run.

    • I am planning to maintain 6:00 pace all throughout. I just wish to finish earlier than my Singapore marathon last December.

  3. congrats on the good finish!

    “seductive and exciting”, now that’s a description 🙂

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