Running in Boracay

•April 9, 2009 • 6 Comments
station 1 05APR2009

station 1 05APR2009


new 15k PR

•January 26, 2009 • 14 Comments

I ran in yesterday’s Happy Run and obtained a new 15k PR. My previous 15k races prior to this one was 2008’s Mizuno Infinity Run 1 (March 30, 3008), where I finished with a time of 1:26:59, placing 211th out of 510 male runners and OROFOLS run (15.2k, 1:28:10). This time, I finished at 1:13:29, 26th out of 507 male finishers.

Average pace – 4:54. Km splits as follows:

1 – 5:12                    6 – 4:47                    11 – 5:10

2 – 4:33                    7 – 4:49                    12 – 5:10

3 – 4:34                    8 – 4:53                    13 – 5:05

4 – 4:43                    9 – 5:03                    14 – 5:05

5 – 4:41                   10 – 5:00                   15 – 4:52 (0.98 km)

new 10K PR

•January 19, 2009 • 11 Comments

Yesterday was this year’s first road race. Poorly organized but well-attended. I finished the 10K (9.94 in my Garmin) race in 47:30 minutes. Finally, a sub 50 PR to start the year.

Average pace – 4:47. Km splits as follows:

1 – 4:55                              6 – 4:51

2 – 4:39                              7 – 4:56

3 – 4:27                              8 – 5:00

4 – 4:54                              9 – 4:52

5 – 4:35                            10 – 4:38

Weekly tips

•January 15, 2009 • 4 Comments


I bought a planner called The Complete Runner’s Day-by-day Log 2009 Calendar (by Marty Jerome) during my trip to NYC last month. You can use it to log your daily mileage, compute your weekly totals and create a cumulative bar graph of weekly mileage. Although I use the computer daily, I still prefer pen and paper recording over excel spreadsheets. As an added bonus, weekly running tips can be found at the end of each week.

Tip for the week: Schedule your runs in writing. Putting “Run” into a specific time slot on your calendar empowers the moment. You’re more likely to follow through.

See you at the Bull Run on Sunday.

Runmd got his groove back

•December 24, 2008 • 4 Comments

My post marathon blues are over!

2 weeks after my first marathon, I was able to run 15k  with a total running time of  1:27:37 in BHS-Lawton-Bayani-MKH-BHS, last Sunday. There were two 30 minute stops at km 5 and km 11 for taho and rehydration. We started running at 7 am and finished at 9:30. I ran with the T2 ladies (Bards, Mesh, Cathy, Tin) but it was traffic-stopping Chuchay I ran with for 15k.

Tomorrow is Christmas day but since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I will run 10-15k in UP.

Happy holidays!

I lost my pride in Singapore . . .

•December 9, 2008 • 22 Comments

Pain is temporary but pride is forever. A lady was holding that sign at around kilometer 5 trying to egg us on to continue running. That statement couldn’t be any truer.

When I registered for the race last July 29, I was asked to provide my estimated finishing time and I reported 4:30. At that time, I could already run 10 km in less than an hour and I figured I could run a 42.195 km race in less than 4 hours after more than 4 months of training. S0 4:30 was a conservative goal, at the back of my mind I was thinking that I will finish before that time. I was wrong.

Official time is 4:58:51, Garmin time 4:48:57 at 42.50 km.

There are a lot of reasons and excuses I can come up with in order to justify my poor finish. But it will be a useless ungentlemanly exercise. I was armed with tons of chutzpah when I went to Singapore but now I am loaded with frustration. I am disappointed at myself.

I didn’t blog about my sub 4h goal. I only told 3 people about my plan because I wanted to surprise everyone. I was the one surprised.

What killed me was leg pain. At around km 20-21, I was doing well with an average pace of 6:00 (2:00 -2:10 time elapsed by my watch) but at km 25-26 I couldn’t run anymore because of severe leg pain. My hamstrings were soooooo painful I couldn’t run nor briskwalk with my legs. I was walking. Nakakahiya. Mesh passed me by and tapped my back pushing me to continue running with her (Thanks Mesh!). I tried to keep up with her but I couldn’t. I also wanted to make sure that I will finish the race and not crash before 42k so I didn’t push that hard. Good thing I didn’t have cramps.

More about my personal experience of the race in my next post after I try to tease out my pace per kilometer from my Garmin.

On the brighter side, the race was really amazing. Lots of water stations, liniment, cheerers, banana, GU and the view of the sea was spectacular. The expo was fun as well. A lot of running stuff were on sale. I even had my feet analyzed (again!) in the Adidas booth and the result was NEUTRAL GAIT. Although I have low to flat arch with a tendency to overpronate, I run neutral BUT after running for sometime, I might switch to overpronation. So I still need to use stability shoes for longer distances.

The guy from Adidas also said to wear the proper shoes because most people run their first and last marathon at the same time.

I believe him.

I’m too frustrated to run again.

Singapore Marathon

•December 5, 2008 • 5 Comments

Leaving tonight for Singapore to run my first marathon on December 8. I hope I finish this one.